Add links to other sites which are developing learning objects:
So far has developed a map game and a country name game about Africa. Both games are written in the Game Maker Language (GML)

Celebrate (the link is to their FAQ page)
Context eLearning with broadband technologies
"... as new forms of digital content such as Learning Objects become available, we also want to explore the context within which learning takes place and particularly whether new forms of content and virtual learning environments foster more collaborative and constructivist forms of learning"

Learning objects based on the idea that multiple representations of a concept help understanding. They can be just run as simulations or can be modified and experimented with by changing the source code. Putting it more simply, you can "look at the engine and kick the tyres".
Programmed in Gamemaker for two reasons:
  1. Gamemaker is well suited to graphical representations of moving objects
  2. It is an easy language for students to master via game creation

Biology I Animations, Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links
North Harris College Biology Department

See also virtual manipulatives on this wiki

Illuminations - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Physics 2000, an interactive journey through modern physics!

Learning Objects Literature Review
A review of the learning objects literature reveals a disconnected group of researchers united by an interest in reusing educational materials but little else. The research area is a conglomerate of competing terms, competing metaphors, competing technical standards, and competing ontologies.